MetaSprint 2017- 20th April 2017

This is my first triathlon event for 2017. It is only sprint distance: 750m swim, 18km cycle and 5km run.

Here’s my result.

Cert Image

I did not do well for the swim and bike leg. The current was very strong and I was swept to the side. I swam too far and wasted alot of energy.

I managed to keep my average cycling speed at 24.7km/hr. It was not as good as I expected but still slightly better than powerman. There were minimal slope which helped to improve my speed. But I have to admit that I didnt put too much effort in cycling as compared to running.

Running was not bad. But it was challenging during the transition from cycling to running as my legs were sore from cycling. I took almost 500m to get into the momentum of running. I thought I was slow, according to my perception. But I am pleasantly surprise to be able to keep to a sub 5 mins pace.

I need more practice in cycling and triathlon to be used to the transition. Maybe I should start to include brick trainings.

Some shots taken during the race.

Metasprint photo

Metasprint photo3Metasprint photo2





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