Running Journey

I am going to share with you about my recent run training program which helps me to break personal best consistent over the past 3 months.


Before I embark on a structured training program, I was running twice a week with a running group. During the training, I was only following some of the runners in their routines. I agree my stamina improve gradually and I see improvement in my performance. However, as a newbie to competitive running, I am a noob. I do not know the terms the running community uses, eg, pace, tempo, interval etc.


Even with a less structured training program, I was able to pass the MR25 runners time trial with 23min 56s for a 4.6km trail at Macritchi Reservoir in Dec 2016. I believe this is the point where I broke through my personal threshold and I was able to run a approximately 5min/km pace. I was thankful for my running group buddies for encouraging to run in a pack during one of the trainings and I completed 10km in 51mins. I must say my legs were feeling a little numb and I felt pins and needles during the run. On the other hand, I also felt that my legs has evolved to a higher level. Hahaha.

I went for a long vacation of 2 weeks in Dec16 and I was enthusiastic to resume training in Jan17 but I caught a really bad cold and cough. So I had to put my training for a short hiatus for a few weeks. I was a little worried that I will deprove and indeed I did.

SUNDOWN 2017 -10KM

My sundown 10km team run was on 25th March 2017. As I was not training alot before that, I was only hoping I can maintain my record of 10km in 51mins. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in 50 min 30sec. Our team did well too and we managed to get 2nd placing. I was elated as this is my first podium finish for a running race.

My result

Sundown 10K my result

My Sundown Team- 1st Runner Up


2XU – 21.1KM

2XU is 1 week after sundown on 2nd Apr 2017. I must admit I didn’t have much training for 21km and I didn’t do any long run which is a requirement to build sufficient mileage before long races. But I raced any way. As I reached the race site quite close to the start time and we had to queue for 45mins for the toilet, I started at the 7th wave which is 1 hour after the race time. It is not a good way to start a race if you want to do personal best. Firstly, your body has already cooled down after the warm up and this is the time when your body feels lethargic. In addition, the start time of the race was 4.30am and we woke up at 2am to get ready for the race. So our body is already deprived of sleep. The delay compounded the fatigue. Secondly, there will many runners infront of you blocking your way especially at narrow running lanes. It takes you more effort and energy to maneuver pass the crowd. So it is best to reach very early and squeeze to the front pack.

I think I did reasonably well as I clocked by personal best of 1hr 56mins.

My official result

My 2XU results


We managed to get into the first line on the 7th wave. Our official start line photo!Cheng Hong and I Startline

So now I believe I am capable of running and I need a more structured training to guide me in how I should run. So I seek for advise from the more experience runner cum coach in my running group. He devised a training program based on my race time. I will share my training plan in more details in my next entry.

NTUC Income -10KM

My next race was NTUC Income of 10KM. It was 1 month after my 2XU which means I have embarked on the training program for less than 1 month. I had metasprint 1 month before NTUC income too. So I was not keeping to the full training as I had to taper abd recover for metasprint and then taper for NTUC. I was very happy that I was able to shave 2mins off from my sundown timing and complete it in 48mins and I was ranked 5th. I was ranked 2nd in local position. They only had 1 price for the local champion. So I just missed it by 1 position. But I was 3mins after the local champion. So it’s a huge gap to chase. Nonetheless, I was very happy with the result of the training.

NTUC Income 10k

These are all my experience and results for my official races. On top of races, I have also participated as pacers for other races to add on my running mileage.


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